Symantec Has Acquired Fireglass to Bring a Generational Leap Forward in User Protection

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Web Isolation

Eliminate malware, phishing and other advanced threats
Fireglass protects users from all web-borne threats. By isolating and executing all content in a secure remote environment, Fireglass prevents malware and other advanced threats from ever reaching user devices. All potentially malicious content, including Java and Flash, is executed remotely on the Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform. Users receive a safe visual stream through their native browser while enjoying a seamless and transparent experience and without requiring any endpoint installation.

Prevent phishing attacks
Fireglass isolates from phishing sites and blocks users from submitting corporate passwords to non corporate websites. Additionally, Fireglass prevents employees from typing credentials and sharing sensitive information such as credit cards numbers and SSN in phishing websites or sites not white-listed.

Safely access uncategorized sites
Fireglass Web Isolation allows to safely access to uncategorized and risky websites while minimizing operational overhead of support tickets requesting access to blocked sites.

Neutralize malware on infected devices
Fireglass Web Isolation blocks malware and other malicious traffic from already infected devices. Fireglass differentiates between legitimate and malicious traffic and neutralizes attackers. Malware Command and Control (C&C) communication trying to exfiltrate data is blocked and Remote Access Trojans (RAT) looking to take control over devices are negated.

Prevent Ransomware
By executing and rendering all content in a remote secure environment, the Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform prevents any malicious content from ever reaching users’ devices and eliminates the risk of ransomware delivered via malicious websites or files.


  • Eliminate the risk of malware and phishing
  • Prevent all Java or Flash exploits
  • Minimize web security exception policy management
  • Detect and neutralize malware on infected devices
  • Transparent and seamless user experience
  • Does not require any endpoint installation
  • Supports all browsers, OS’s and devices
  • No alerts, false positives or heuristics
  • On premise or cloud deployment


Gartner Report:
Isolation is the single most significant way to eliminate web attacks and will be adopted by most enterprises