Symantec Has Acquired Fireglass to Bring a Generational Leap Forward in User Protection

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Email Isolation

Prevent phishing attacks
Fireglass eliminates the risk of phishing often delivered via links in emails. Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform isolates from phishing sites and blocks users from submitting corporate passwords to non corporate websites. Additionally, Fireglass prevents employees from typing credentials and sharing sensitive information such as credit cards numbers and SSN in phishing websites or sites not white-listed.

Protect users against malicious attachments and links
Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform integrates with standard email servers to protect users from malicious links and attachments. Links in emails are altered to redirect through the Fireglass platform. File attachments are saved to a location available to Fireglass and replaced with links to view or download attachments securely through Fireglass Document Isolation.


  • Prevent users from submitting corporate passwords to malicious web sites
  • Isolate malicious links and prevent malware from reaching endpoints
  • Access attachments without downloading and eliminate risk of malware
  • Transparent and seamless user experience
  • Does not require any endpoint installation
  • Supports all browsers, OS’s and devices


Gartner Report:
Isolation is the single most significant way to eliminate web attacks and will be adopted by most enterprises